Physician + Philanthropist + Burnout Warrior

I’m here to help you reach your optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Akua

Multi-faceted physician
Burnout survivor and Resilience Coach Philanthropist
Global leader

I’m a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor with a mission to provide the tools needed to live a holistic life focused on external and internal wellness. I share strategies on how to make your personal health a priority along with caring for loved ones around you. I also share my experience with work/ environment-related burnout and offer approaches to getting out of unwholesome situations and entering a path of resilience and strength. I’m committed to being a source of education, support, and hope.

Health Consultant & Speaker

  I am your health consultant/strategist providing industry perspective and insight for my clients so they can stay informed and make better business decisions.

I deliver actionable presentations that will inform, inspire, and engage your audience.

My Signature topics are: Burnout Prevention & Resilience & Holistic Wellness for Women

So whether is it working with individuals, groups, and businesses  or examining health from an “inward-outward” approach and evaluating how to align all the parts of a woman, I partner with my client’s to achieve 360 wholesomeness that inspires growth, greatness, creating paths to resilience and healing.



I came to Dr. Ampadu at a time when I didn’t know I was experiencing burnout but knew something wasn’t right. She helped me recognize my feelings were valid and offered ways to reduce my stressors and start my journey towards recovery.

~ Y.L

The tips Dr. Ampadu has given me to create a better work-life balance have helped decrease mental exhaustion and allowed me to love my job once again.


Dr. Ampadu taught me how to make sure my voice was heard when I started my first job as an Attending and didn’t know how to express my concerns to my peers and administration.


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