Dr Akua Ampadu MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine trained Hospitalist physician passionate about providing quality inpatient adult care. Outside of taking care of patients in the hospital ward, she connects with the general public through writing and speaking engagements. Through these avenues, she delivers tools that can be used to help people live fruitful lives focused on general health & wellness, self-care, and self-advocacy.

 Using my personal experience with work and life-related burnout I provide reformative training for those going through their own resilience journey.

As a daughter of the Diaspora with Ghanaian roots, I also work on projects focused on improving the lives of African, Afro-Caribbean,  African-American, and all Diasporan women.


You Didn’t Know

  • I truly began living once I learned you don’t have to work a conventional “9-5” (or 12-hour shift for doctors) in order to make money.
  • Women’s empowerment and amplification give me unspeakable joy. I love to see other women win!
  • I consider Usher’s “Confession” the greatest R&B album in history and have no issues with debating you on this.
  • I believe fresh flowers and candles can elevate any space.
  • An amazing day for me includes a walk in the park, listening to South African Amapiano music, and spending time with God and with myself

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