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It has been five years since I learned about Burnout and started my journey to Recovery & Resilience. Throughout these years I’ve created a system that has allowed me to not only heal from my experience but also prevent it from happening again. Let’s discuss my proven method today!

My Story Isn’t Different From Yours….

There I was in the Emergency Department of the hospital where I had just spent 12 hours caring for patients upstairs on the medical wards. Dizzy, tired, and hungry, I watched as the Emergency Department nurse connected me to the telemetry monitor and watched as my heart rate fluctuated between 110-125 beats per minute.

I’d spent the majority of the day fatigued and feeling as if I was going to pass out but I endured; for the sake of the patients I had to see. Despite not feeling myself I saw all the patients on my list, going through their management at bedside, collaborating with specialists, and speaking with family members.

Through all of this there was a continual nagging feeling that something with me was not right. I had never felt so ill at work and the constant dizziness was worrying. So instead of going home after my shift I headed downstairs to the ED. The ED doctor was surprised to see my name on the tracker board – he knew me as one of the hospitalists he frequently admitted patients to. I told him my symptoms and he placed in several orders; all tests, blood work and imaging were negative for any acute process. When my doctor came into my room with my discharge papers he looked me in the eye and said “I think you’re burned out”.

The Following Day I Researched
“Symptoms of Burnout”

and as I read through the symptoms I slowly nodded my head as everything seemed so familiar;


Feeling tired and drained throughout the day


Unexplained headaches, stomach aches or other physical symptoms

Poor performance

Lack of productivity and poor job performance

Not inspired

Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

Zero Concentration

Difficulty concentrating


Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated.

Does this sound like you?

Do you want to find joy in your career again, make your mental and physical wellness a priority, and learn how to approach your employee about burnout? Let’s schedule some time to talk



I came to Dr. Ampadu at a time when I didn’t know I was experiencing burnout but knew something wasn’t right. She helped me recognize my feelings were valid and offered ways to reduce my stressors and start my journey towards recovery.

~ Y.L

The tips Dr. Ampadu has given me to create a better work-life balance have helped decrease mental exhaustion and allowed me to love my job once again.


Dr. Ampadu taught me how to make sure my voice was heard when I started my first job as an Attending and didn’t know how to express my concerns to my peers and administration.


Ready to Make a Change?

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learn to say “no” with ease and create a sustainable work-life balance…..
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