Loving the person within doesn’t just happen, it’s a practice you must seek to do and cultivate daily. And while an entire day in February is spent focusing on love for others, self-love should be readily practiced all year round. To help with that I’ve crafted a list of some great physician created/backed products that can help put the focus on the most important person in your life; yourself.

Refresh Your Skin with Safe Ingredients

Dr. CQ Creighton’s Rose and Bee Soap collection includes soap bars handcrafted with high-quality ingredients creating a perfect botanical experience. The soaps are free from harsh chemicals and additives, ensuring safety and smooth skin.  Packing is also done with 100% recyclable materials coinciding with the company’s sustainability promise. 

Increase Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual pleasure with maximum ease and protection has always been the goal for Momentum Intimacy, a sexual wellness company developed by Dr. Drai, a Board-Certified OBGYN and sexual wellness specialist. Momentum offers high quality latex condoms, silicone and water-based lubricants, slow burning candles and much more. 

Download a Sexual Wellness App

Approaching sexual health with a digital lens, The Sexual Wellness App by Rosy aims to make sexual wellness optimization more accessible to everyone. Medical experts and mental health allies provide behavioral change tools, thought reframing, support, and follow up recommendations within the app. Rosy also provides individual and community support for those seeking solutions and empowerment within their sexual wellness journey. 

Stock Up on Your Favorite Lashes

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then creating perfect curtains with eyelashes is a must.  Try a glue-free, safe alternative to mainstream false eyelashes with OpulenceMD Beauty, created by board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Anika Goodwin.

Get Your Skin Glowing

Karite’s shea butter products provide a wide range of skin-healing properties as well as giving your largest organ (your skin) a healthy, sheer radiance. Created by sisters, one of which is dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye, the all-natural substances used in their products offer antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory, characteristics that help relieve and repair the skin.

Take Care of your Crown

Dr. Sanlare Gordon’s Dr. Coily face, skin, and hair care products have unique ingredients that renew, revitalize, and hydrate some of the body’s most sensitive areas.  

Her hair care products are specially formulated to leave your locks feeling soft, healthy, and manageable.

Lounge in Luxury

Shea Seasons by Dr. Maxine Owusu is your online shop for authentic items celebrating culture and luxury. They provide kimono style robes with an African-themed flare, African-print themed hair bonnets, exfoliating sponges and so much more.

How do you show yourself love? Which of these products do you want to try first?