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Burnout Prevention & Resilience

Working with individuals, groups, and businesses to discuss the stages of burnout, how to recognize burnout on a personal and corporate level, and steps to creating paths to resilience and healing.

Holistic Wellness for Women 

Examining health from an “inward-outward” approach and evaluating how to align all the parts of a woman (physical, mental, sexual, etc) to reach all-inclusive wellness.

Praise and Testimonials


I came to Dr. Ampadu at a time when I didn’t know I was experiencing burnout but knew something wasn’t right. She helped me recognize my feelings were valid and offered ways to reduce my stressors and start my journey towards recovery.

~ Y.L

The tips Dr. Ampadu has given me to create a better work-life balance have helped decrease mental exhaustion and allowed me to love my job once again.


Dr. Ampadu taught me how to make sure my voice was heard when I started my first job as an Attending and didn’t know how to express my concerns to my peers and administration.


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