2022 is here and thankfully so are we. Cheers to making it through the last few years! At the start of a fresh twelve months most people revisit the previous year’s wins, losses, and mishaps. We become engrossed in planning resolutions, intentions, and goals. Intentionally preparing for the new year is a great launching pad for success however it can quickly become a daunting task if overwhelm sets in. This leads to regret, annoyance, and a high likelihood that you will not accomplish most of what you planned. To help make your planning easier, here are a few key things to consider when preparing for the new year.

Set Realistic goals and expectations.

Social media has created an exuberant goal of getting several things done at once. Setting tremendous goals especially in a short period of time can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. However, most goals are achieved through slow and steady steps.

Start by creating goals for the quarter, month, and week. Bullet journals and detailed planners can provide the structure necessary to list and highlight these plans. Constant review and revision of your dreams and ideas will also help increase your chance of fulfilling your vision.

Evaluate relationships particularly negative ones

Ask yourself whether specific relationships are a blessing or hinderance to your wellbeing. Evaluate unhealthy relationships and those that put you under pressure. This includes relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and neighbors. Ask yourself “does this relationship make me feel good about myself, and does it benefit more than hurt me?” Question if you feel happy when you think about the relationship or if negative memories and feelings flood your mind.

Also keep in mind the need to evaluate the most important relationship which is the one with yourself. Self-analysis and self-awareness will help highlight things you love or wish to improve on.

Make movement a priority

Exercise and movement trigger the all-important hormone endorphin which helps create a happier mood. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety and improves general health and wellness. Reducing the risk of chronic medical conditions is also a great reason to exercise. Let’s love our bodies more as we step into the new year.

Get Some Rest

This is the year we get our sleeping patterns in order! Chronic inadequate sleep results in a change in several hormone levels, mood, immune system capabilities, and cognitive ability. Quality sleep has been shown to be just as vital as exercise to the well-being of the human body. So instead of falling asleep while you Netflix and chill, create a habit of purposely going to bed with an aim of getting a minimum of 6 hours nightly. For those who have difficulty falling or staying asleep, monitor caffeine intake before bed, switch off stimulants in your bedroom (like artificial light or noise) and attempt to eat no later than 5 hours prior to your bedtime. what time you eat your last meal (it should be at least 3hours prior to going to bed).

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is intentionally taking inventory of your imagination, thoughts, feelings, and senses.

Taking inward inventory of your reactions to both external and internal stimuli allows you to be “in the moment”

 It takes into the consideration “the moment” and your response to whatever is happening around and within you. 5 minutes of breathing exercises can be a starting point when initiating a mindfulness practice. what you are thinking about and being intentional on what you focus your mind, imagination, and thoughts on.

Mindfulness can be spent in 5 minutes of a breathing exercise, mediating using an app, or just paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

Engaging in the new year with new sets of processes can not only reduce stress but also make the next few months more fulfilling.  Even if your New Year resolutions have been made for the year, there’s still time to add these onto your goal list. Focusing on your mind, body, and relationships will help empower you to make quality decisions for yourself while hopefully reducing stressors.

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What are some of your priorities for the new year?